Micro hose system

It is high pressure gas piping system that is created exclusively for N2 Gas Spring.
The micro hose system enables to install gas springs easily, securedly and quickly.

Micro hose


The hose is connectable just by tightening manually.

Tools are not required for connecting micro hose. (Toolless)
It can be tightened easily and quickly by hand.


The hose does not loose even when it is subjected to vibration
of press machine and maintains a secured sealing
for a long term by high fastening force of buttress thread and locking O-ring.


Hose specification

Fluid used N2 (Nitrogen) gas
Proof pressure 42MPa(50℃)
Operating temperature 0~70℃
Inside diameter of hose ø2mm
Outside diameter of hose ø5mm
Minimum bending radius R20mm
Material Hose core, outer coating :Polyamide resin
Reinforcing layer :Aramid fiber
Proof pressure varies according to the temperature of hose 0℃:51MPa

Swivel adaptors

They are provided with swivel mechanism and the angle is adjustable easily
by hand without applying load to micro hose.

Short swivel elbow adaptor

1. Mount a swivel adaptor on gas spring.


2. Mount a hose on swivel adaptor.
The angle of hose is adjustable easily by turning a adaptor.


Micro hose

Straight adapter

Swivel adapter

Multi coupling block

Control panel

Hose clip/Plug

Micro hose

Model   Catalog  
DNH-SS Straight & Straight hose  
DNH-SE Straight & 90° hose  
DNH-EE 90° & 90° hose  

Straight adaptor

Model   Catalog  
Straight adaptor  
DNH-MA M6 thread type Straight adapter  

Swivel adaptor

Model   Catalog  
DNH-GH Short swivel elbow adaptor  
DNH-GL Long swivel elbow adaptor  
DNH-GC Short swivel tee adaptor  
DNH-GD Long swivel tee adaptor  
DNH-GF Short swivel multi way adaptor  
DNH-GG Long swivel multi way adaptor  


Model   Catalog  
DNH-F□ Multi coupling block  
DNH-CP Control panel  
DNH-D6 Hose clip  
DNH-GP Plug  

Gas charging tools

Model   Catalog  
DNJ-□ Gas charging tools  

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