Company history
1974/05 Established AIOI SEIKI INC. in Amagasaki, Hyogo.
1980/04 Moved the head office and plant to Itami, Hyogo.
1986/01 Established Pascal Engineering Inc. (U.S.A. based affiliate) in Chicago, U.S.A.
1991/10 Completed Pascal Oita plant.
1996/05 Opened New head office/R & D Center.
1996/09 Completed second plant of Pascal Oita.
1999/01 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
2001/03 Completed third plant of Pascal Oita.
2003/05 Company name changed to PASCAL CORPORATION, and reorganized each group company.
2003/12 Completed forth plant of Pascal Oita.
2006/01 Completed Pascal Yamagata plant.
2007/10 Completed fifth plant of Pascal Oita.
2008/09 Established Pascal Trading Shanghai Corp. (China based affiliate) in Shanghai.
2008/09 Opened Changchun sales office.
2008/11 Completed second plant of Pascal Yamagata.
2009/10 Established Pascal Dalian corporation (China based affiliate) in Dalian, China.
2009/12 Completed Pascal Dalian plant.
2009/12 Established Pascal GmbH (Germany based affiliate) in Giessen, Germany.
2010/01 Opened Guangzhou sales office.
2010/05 Opened Chongqing sales office.
2010/10 Established Pascal Korea Corporation in Changwon, Korea.
2013/02 Opened Tianjin sales office.
2015/10 Relocated plant and sales office of Dalian.
2016/04 Completed sixth plant of Pascal Oita.
2019/08 Opened Wuhan sales office.