Company profile
Type of Business Manufacturing, sales and engineering the factory automation equipment and system.
Established May, 1974
Capital 500 million yen (Total in affiliated companies)
Number of Employees 470 (Total in affiliated companies)
Annual Sales 13 billion yen (From April, 2017 to March, 2018)
11 billion yen (From April, 2016 to March, 2017)
10 billion yen (From April, 2015 to March, 2016)
President Ichiro Kitaura
Sales Offices Kumagaya, Atsugi, Nagoya, Osaka, Yamagata, and Hiroshima
Factory Yamagata, Oita, and Dalian(China)
Overseas office・
Liaison office
Chicago(U.S.A.), Stuttgart(Germany), Dalian(China), Shanghai(China),
Changchun(China), Tianjin(China), Wuhan(China), Chongqing(China), Guangzhou(China),
Taiwan, Bangkok(Thailand) and Korea
Equity Capital Ratio 93%, net worth 30 billion yen (no debt management)
Industrial Property 400 (Including applications pending)
Pascal group of companies
Pascal Corporation Capital Yen 100,000,000
Pascal Engineering Corporation Capital Yen 100,000,000
Pascal Oita Corporation Capital Yen 100,000,000
Pascal Yamagata Corporation Capital Yen 100,000,000
Pascal Trading Corporation Capital Yen 50,000,000
Pascal Engineering Inc. (USA) Capital US$ 200,000
Pascal Trading Shanghai Corp.(China) Capital US$ 1,000,000
Pascal Dalian Corp.(China) Capital US$ 3,000,000
Pascal GmbH (Germany) Capital Euro 500,000
Pascal Korea Corp. Capital Won 300,000,000

What is Pascal?

Application of Pascal's principle
Low air pressure (0.5MPa) → High hydraulic pressure (25MPa)


The person who discovered the basic law of fluid pressure, "Pascal's Principle" is Blaise Pascal, French philosopher in the 17 century. A word "Man is a thinking reed" is very famous. He was also a genius mathematician and physicist and by his physical achievement, Pa(Pascal) is still used today as an international unit of pressure. Since we are manufacturer of press machine device, we adopted this "Pascal" as company and product name. Our products produced from strenuous research and development will continue to develop as Pascal brand admitted in the world.