Roller gear cam drive & Hirth coupling

90°index table MDX

Quick 90°indexing 0.5 sec. | Accurate Index accuracy ± 5 arc sec.

90° index table MDX

Durable  1 million rotation No adjustment

A large number of achievements for transmission case machining

90° index table MDX jig

Roller gear cam drive with an excellent indexing motion characteristic

90° index table MDX gear

Locking with 3-piece hirth coupling

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Optimum cam curve makes the speed and durability

Roller gear cam drive provides smooth acceleration and deceleration movement according to the machine characteristic by adapting a cam curve.

Roller gear curve

In case of worm gear

In case of worm gear drive, the worm wheel rotation angle is
represented by a rectilinear velocity-diagram as shown in the sketch below, also worm gear drive needs time for braking.
To secure smooth acceleration and deceleration (start/stop),
an expensive servo motor (NC additional axis control) must be required.

Worm gear curve
90° index table MDX
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