new Roller gear index table MDF

ローラギア インデックステーブル  MDF マシニングセンタ

Features of Roller gear

  • Rolling transmission of roller gear can keep initial accuracy for a long time which provides maintenance-free circumstances compared with the sliding transmission by means of worm gear.
  • The cam rib of roller gear and cam followers make contacts in a preloaded state and there is no backlash between the two. It enables high speed indexing with no brake, which allows excellent productivity by reducing tact time in machining operation.
About the worm gear…
The roller gear can keep machining accuracy for a long time, however the worm gear results an abrasive wear and it causes backlash between the worm wheel and shaft and leads to machining failure and degrading index accuracy, therefore a periodical inspection and backlash adjustment must be required. The roller gear is maintenance-free and it can operate with high accuracy for a long time.
ローラギア インデックステーブル  MDF 背面ギア透かし

Bulit in Rotary joint 18 ports+2Compact body

*When simultaneous use Support table model MDS130-R9

ロータリジョイント ポート数

By combining Pascal 7MPa rotary joint with model MDX, compact hydraulic clamp cylinders
are applicable which can realize simple and downsized hydraulic fixture mountable on the table.
Also max 18 ports of rotary joint is available and the clamp cylinders
with sensing function can be used to achieve high grade of machining operation.

ローラギア インデックステーブル  MDF
ローラギアインデックステーブル コンパクト