Die clamp / Die-lifter / Die-roller


Pascal clamp

It is general use type of clamp with powerful clamping force, sufficient rigidity to impact and large clamping stroke.


With DLF series, heavy dies are lifted by powerful hydraulic cylinders, and can be smoothly moved with a slight force.


Simple, economical spring-lifting rollers are suitable for small to mid-sized dies. These narrow die-rollers fit most of the existing T-slot. The spring loaded design does not require a power source.

Pascal clamp

Model   Catalog  
TXA Cylinder type  
TXC TXA + Automatic slidable type  
TXE TXA + Automatic slidable type which utilizes the entire lower surface  
TYA Lever type  
TYC TYA + Automatic slidable type  
TNA Air driven swing rod clamp  
* THB Swing clamp(only for lower die) -  
Piping materials  
TXA, TYA Maintenance parts  

* Please contact Pascal for THB.

Die loading device

Model   Catalog  
Die-lifter DLF Hydraulic lifted die loading device  
Die-roller DRA Spring lifted die loading device  
Piping materials