Flat type

model SMF

For your safe and quick molds and large sized components rotation.

反転機 フラットタイプ SMF

Pascal rotator Features

  • Pascal has a significant record of sales for rotating molds being used for plastic and die casting machine, coil materials and large casting parts.
  • Roller gear drive(PAT.)provides excellent durability and safety.
    model SMF(1, 3, 5 ton)
  • Electric motor driven system provides Maintenance-free circumstances.
    model SMF(1, 3, 5 ton)
  • Rotatable weight SMF  1~30 ton
反転機 ローラギア駆動

The employer must take necessary action to protect workers from dangerous work in accordance
with Industrial Safety and Heath Law.
For safe and quick rotating operation, Consider Pascal Rotator for the mold and coil materials
in place of overhead cranes.

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