Rotation completed in 15 to 60 seconds/ Roller gear drive(PAT.)provides excellent durability / Oilless and Maintenance free equipment / Rotatable weight  SMR 1~50 ton(SMR-V 3~15 ton)

Back cover is provided as a standard equipment PAT.P.

※Back cover as an option for SMR20, 30 and 50.

反転機 (反転装置) SMR バックカバー


Mold & die rotator SMR demonstration


Coil rotator with a V-block SMR-V 

Delivery results of 600 units.

Rotation for coil materials

反転機 (反転装置) コイル材 SMR -V

Rotation for wire roll

反転機 (反転装置) 電線コイル SMR -V

Rotation for a part made of concrete

Rotation for large sized components

Rotation for a transformer or converter

Motor-driven, roller gear (oilless) and Maintenance free

Pascal mold rotator employs the unique roller gear drive (PAT.) which ensures semipermanental durability. In addition to it, the roller gear mechanism with excellent safety enables sufficient rigidity at sudden stop during operation.

No maintenance necessary like the system with chain-drive (Elongation adjustment).
No hydraulic unit or cylinder is provided.

Safety features(Option)

Pascal rotator is operable only when 2 push buttons on operation switch are dpressed at the same time and the operator's safety is ensured by 2 hand operation however Pascal recommends the users to put danger signal while the rotator is in motion.

Safety fence(Option)

Light curtain(Option)

Two-hand operable pendant switch for safer operation

反転機 (反転装置) SMR ペンダントスイッチ

Eliminate the risk of an accident of mold rotating work by the overhead crane and improve the workability with Pascal rotator.

Most of the supplier of overhead crane prohibits users from rotating a heavy materials because it is unsafe action. In case of the accident casused by the neglect of the warning of the supplier, the employer may be accused for the oversight of the employee's risky behavior.

The employer must take necessary action to protect workers from dangerous work in accordance with Industrial Safety and Heath Law.For safe and quick rotating operation, Consider Pascal Rotator for the mold and coil materials in place of overhead cranes.


Product   Model Catalog
Rotator Rolling type | Roller gear driven(electric motor) SMR PDF
Rotator for coil materials Rolling type | Roller gear driven(electric motor) | With V block SMR-V PDF
Rotator for wire roll Rolling type | Roller gear driven(electric motor) | With V block SMR-V PDF

Track record of delivery

Model SMR has a delivery record of 600 units for mold , coils, rolls, large and heavy parts rotating equipment. As a safety measure to eliminate dangerous rotating work using a crane, it is playing an active part in various production and distribution sites.

Main customer

Rotation for stamping dies, plastic or diecast molds (Industry) Auto parts, Motor parts, Housing equipment, Information and communication equipment, Home appliances, Miscellaneous goods
Rotation for hoop, coil or roll materials Steel plate coils, Electrical materials, Wire coils
Rotation for the products made of concrete Concrete secondary products, Building materials, Segment
Rotation for machinary parts (Industry) Industrial robots, Machine tools, Injection molding machines, Press machines, Steel materials
Others Safes, transformers, Control box